Favorite Chardonnay of the Summer – Louis Latour Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeot Blanc 2006

This is my favorite Chardonnay of the summer (so far…).   The Louis Latour Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeot Blanc 2006 (PLCB code: 32299 $29.99) is a fantastically well balanced wine at an attractive price.   Often I sound the alert for the ‘screaming good deals’ that occasionally pop up showing consumers what interesting and characterful wines are available at under $15 price points.   This time I find myself tasting a wine that started out at a much higher price ($65) but has been discounted for the PA Chairman’s Selection Program to a much lower, if still pretty expensive for most, $29.99.   While I am always cautious about discounted wines (Are they rejects? Too old? Flawed?), in this case my sense of adventure took over and I went for it… and what a nice surprise!   While earlier reviews of this wine (in 2009 for instance) were positive but not gushing, I would suggest that time in the bottle has clearly benefitted the wine and the result is very good for us consumers.   This White Burgundy is a 2006 vintage (a good, but not famous vintage), and one could certainly wonder if looking at 2009 or 2010 vintages might be a better idea, but wine is an interesting substance, and aging, even with whites, can sometimes help (as in this case I believe).   Pedigree and provenance goes a long way with Burgundies, and the fact that this is a 1er Cru (Premier Cru) from the central Burgundy region of Chassagne-Montrachet causes one to expect much, since this region is so close to the Batard-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet regions that produce some of the most expensive and sought after wines in the world (all Chardonnays of course!).

The color is a serious gold, nothing light or thin about it.   The nose is light, toasty and slightly floral, followed by flavors that flow strongly but smoothly through stone fruits, apricot, honey, oak and finish with a nutty toastiness that is wonderfully inviting to the next sip.   For me, the key to this wine’s wonderfulness is balance – all the flavors, even though they are intense, are beautifully balanced throughout – and for that reason I declare that this is my favorite chardonnay of the summer (although I hope to find others too!!!…).

Should you decide to drop serious money on lobster – then please consider dropping $30 on this White Burgundy – it is rich enough to match lobster and stylish enough to impress anyone whom you consider important enough to share lobster!   Enjoy!